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WE ARE Mi-Grid

Mi-Grid has been established to develop renewable energy projects in response to climate change. All our projects will aim to deliver real value to all stakeholders including landowners and the local community


    About Us

    We specialize in wind energy developments as joint ventures with landowners and local communities. Over the past five years the company has been involved with over 30 turbine projects.

    Uniquely, people in the vicinity of a proposed wind turbine not only have the opportunity to invest in a project but collectively the local community also receive a financial benefit from ‘hosting’ the wind turbine in their locality. Mi-Grid will always consult with the local community prior to submitting a planning application.

    Our Aims

    Mi-Grid aims to develop single, wind turbines (500kW-1.5MW) on sites across the UK

    • Planning Guidelines

      Prior to lodging a planning application, we will consult with local parish councils and the community. Each turbine will meet required planning guidelines and environmental constraints.

    • Benefit Payment

      A community benefit payment is paid annually to local parishes based on the size of the project. Where possible, we look to offer at least £5,000 per Megawatt installed capacity.A community benefit payment is paid annually to local parishes based on the size of the project. Where possible, we look to offer at least £5,000 per Megawatt installed capacity.

    • Investment

      Local Residents will be given an opportunity to directly invest in each project.


    The Energy Issue

    The Energy Issue

    In the last 100 years, the average temperature has increased by about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F). Two thirds of this has occurred since 1982. Of the last 14 years, 12 have been the hottest years on record. The weather is definitely changing. Scientists in the major industrialised countries are 90% certain that climate change is caused by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. To address global warming, the European Union 2009 Renewable Energy Directive commits the UK to achieving 80% renewable energy by 2050.


    Land Owners

    Land Owners receive a 25 year lease over the land set aside for the turbine installation

    • Annual Lease Payment

      The lease of a turbine is 25 years. Mi-Grid offers a minimum guaranteed rent with overage payment based on gross income. This is RPI index linked, rising each year with inflation.

    • Subsidised Electricity

      Depending on your consumption, you can benefit from free domestic electricity.

    • Enviromentally Friendly

      At the end of the lease the land is returned to its original condition.



    Mi- Grid provides an annual community payment and investment opportunity to local residents.

    • Benefit Payment

      An annual community benefit payment is made to the local parish. Where possible, we look to offer up to £5,000 per Megawatt installed capacity.

    • Investment

      Local residents will be offered the opportunity to invest directly into the company which owns the turbine over a 20 year period. A Special Purpose Vehicle company is established and Residents by shares in this company which is managed by its members; the local community and an Industrial and Provident Society.

    • Community First

      The electricity produced is distributed to the nearest users, i.e., local residents. A 500kW turbine will supply roughly 500 dwellings (based on OFGEM’s published National Average household consumption).

  • FAQs

    Top 10 most obvious questions about Mi-Grid.

    • How noisy are the turbines?

      Roughly 35db and we require a 400m set back from any residence to eliminate noise nuisance.

    • What about birds and bird strike?

      As part of the planning process Mi-Grid undertakes various ecological studies to minimise the impacts of their turbines on wildlife. Simply ensuring that the turbine blade tips are no closer than 50m to hedgerows can resolve issues with birds, bats and other species on many sites.

    • Visual impact

      Our turbines are roughly 77m tall to tip height and need to be sited sensitively in relation to the local landscape. Site sensitivity is a key component to any planning approval process.

    • Shadow Flicker?

      We consider this possibility and locate our turbines at sufficient distance to local residents so as to eliminate this potential problem

    • Community Benefits

      The community benefit payment is paid annually to the local parish to be used as they see fit. This payment is for the life of the turbine.

    • Local Resident Investment

      A priority position will be given to local residents to participate in each project. Mi-Grid offer up to 30% of each turbine as an investment opportunity for local residents.

    • How noisy is the construction process?

      Access requirements during installation may lead to some disturbance due to the size of lorries delivering equipment. This will be minimised where possible and meet stringent local council guidelines.

    • Maintenance

      On-going maintenance is carried out twice a year by a team of two, operating from a small transit vehicle.

    • Decommissing

      At the end of the turbines economic life which is 25 years we will remove it and reinstate the land to its original condition.

    • Planning

      There are strict planning guidelines that need to be followed in order to find a suitable site for a turbine. Planning consent will only be granted for a site if it meets the necessary environmental and setback requirements.